Hello, I’m afraid to write!


I have a fear of rejection but I decided to create a personal blog again after holding back for so many times. I felt that my thoughts would be judged but then again, how long will I keep it this way? Will I allow my fear to take over me and do nothing about writing?

The beginning might be hard but staying is harder. I had different blog domains for years. Nothing remained not until I bought this domain, jeanmichelle.media to share content about arts and design but I’m still looking for resources to share so while waiting let’s get this personal blog started.

Last June 2019, I enrolled for a writing class. I sure learned a lot and wrote a lot of essays that could be possibly posted on my art and design blog but fear keeps blocking my way. One day, I’ll post it, I’m just afraid that it might lack research. I should overcome this.

There are a lot of issues I need to address when it comes to my character. Building yourself isn’t really easy but it’s always a wonder why it’s easy to fail in a blink of an eye. Again, welcome to my personal blog. Let’s get personal.

I remember wanting to be a writer while taking the writing class but then I realized you really have to be an avid fan of reading books which I am not into as of the moment. I don’t read a lot of books just a few non-fiction and it’s related to stars, arts, and design, I wonder how will that make me a good writer? I’m really picky when it comes to reading books so if you can recommend me some good non-fiction books please do!